A Million Little Phone Records

Finally! Something else to be mad about besides gas.

Evidence that the NSA bought copious truck loads of phone records detailing the phone calls made by Americans in a sophisticated attempt to analyze calling patterns and datamine terrorist links has sparked a national debate not seen in our time since a giant hot air balloon filled with ballyhoo and bluster exploded over ports scheduled for sale to Dubai.

Why people say they’re mad: gross invasion of privacy by the federal government.
Why people should be mad: the program was illegally implemented.

Who are people mad at: Bush.
Who should people be mad at: Telcos.

Who provided the incriminating information to USA TODAY: a little bird going tweet tweet… Here’s a roundup of this morning’s relevant links:


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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..Well, now they’ve got my phone records. Thanks, Bellsouth! They can go over the one or two phone calls a week we make, and all the jackasses who call here! I suppose it would be expecting too much for them to sanction the assholes who ignore the “do-not-call list!”

    …..We’ve locally got a County Commission political race going on in my area, and every day this week there was a new computer-generated ad-message from one of the candidates piped in at 10 AM on my answering machine. Guess who’s not getting my vote…