A Knee With a View, Towards Women

A new line of artificial knees has been announced, strong enough for a man, but sophisticated in social nuances and group decision making for a woman.

A liberal snipping of the NYT reports:

    “At long last, his and her knees…a leading maker of artificial joints, Zimmer Holdings, has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration to start selling what the company says is “the first replacement knee shaped to fit a woman’s anatomy.”…A medical breakthrough, or a marketing wrinkle for the post-feminist era?…Zimmer…sees knees as just the first in a planned product line called Gender Solutions that will include feminine hips and other artificial joints…”Women are clearly not little men.”…There is no evidence yet, though, that Zimmer’s newly approved knee will actually work better in women…”It’s a marketer’s dream to distinguish a segment of the market and claim you have the only approved product.”

Women Get Knees to Call Their Own” NYT

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