Net Neutrality as Told By Gun Wielding Halo Maniacs

Here’s a funny window into the issue of net neutrality, depicted by characters from the shoot-em-up smash hit, Halo, spotted here.

The clip comes from the Halo Machinima talk show, This Spartan Life.

Don’t let the ISPs chop up whats free and open, structure it into tiers and then sell it back to you at a premium. Fight back with plasma grenades.

Net neutrality: it’s the 21st century Tragedy of the Commons, except for no good reason.



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  1. prodigal says:

    Quick correction: the style is called Machinima, based on the graphics engines for Halo and other games.

    Also, that sort of thing would really liven up Congressional hearings. Where’s the buggy?

  2. P33KAJ3W says:

    Great PSA!

  3. bifyu says:

    Don’t paint all ISPs with this brush. Blame the folks that usually hold the duopolies in any given locale: the ILECs on the phone side of things and the cable companies. Independent ISPs are usually the consumer’s advocate in these matters, whether it’s net neutrality, or open access (another battle fought, and largely lost due to the influence of the big telecom lobbyists)

  4. rikomatic says:

    Awesome video! kudos to The Spartan Life people for putting this together.

  5. Paul D says:

    Not to be an alarmist or anything, but I think I read somewhere that is an astroturf (“faux grassroots”) organization set up by the telcos.

    I may be thinking of something else. Can anyone confirm?