All Bausch & Lomb ReNu Products Will Give You Eye Fungus

Think you’re safe from developing an ocular socket full of oozing, stagnant fungus just because you’re using a Bausch & Lomb product that isn’t MoistureLoc? Better think again.

According to Wall Street analysts, all Bausch & Lomb ReNu eye care products are likely to be recalled after the discovery that 96% of the 107 people who developed fusarium keratitis in the last year were ReNu customers, many of whom had never used the MoistureLoc variety.Just to remind you how serious this infection is, eight of those people needed cornea transplants to avoid going blind.

Naturally, we can probably also suspect Bausch & Lomb to get humped by lawyers into a pool of quivering ooze on the courtroom floor. That’s what you get when you market an eye care product that makes the eyeballs of your customers liquefy.

Analyst Sees More Bausch & Lomb Recalls Ahead [Consumer Affairs]
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