Sympathy For The Devil; Oil’s Makeover

As of late, the oil industry finds itself suffering an image malfunction. Petrol makers have hired Blue Worldwide, the advertising wing of PR giant Edelman. Another one of Edelman’s clients is Wal-Mart. But is that enough? McCain attacked major oil companies last week over reckless profiteering: “Outside of satanic cults, these people have the worst P.R. of anybody in the world.”

From an article in today’s New York Times, a quotable remix, with emphasis added:

    “The oil and natural gas industry is very misunderstood by the public…” said Jeff Eshelman, vice president for public affairs at the Independent Petroleum Association of America.”

    “I think what they need to do is tell their story…”, said Senator Cornyn.

    “It’s important that the American consumer understands the fundamentals of what’s going on…,” said Mr. Tillerson. “To the extent we can explain that in terms that people can understand, I hope that would be helpful.”

    “We can no longer be fortress America,” said Red Cavaney, president of the American Petroleum Institute. “I think we, like other industries, have been slow in understanding the need to communicate what we’re doing to the public and opinion makers.”

Maybe they should start a blog.

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