Utility May Help Oust Coyotes

After her small dogs were attacked by coyotes, Illinois resident Julie Winters sought recourse from all manner of sources, from the local police to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Now she may have a surprise ally: the Commonwealth Edison utility company. Reports the Chicago Tribune:

    “Winters said the overgrown landscape screen for a nearby transmission line tower provided a launching pad for the fatal Labor Day mauling of Fluffy, her 11-year-old shih tzu-poodle mix.

    Winters was preparing to take her dogs on their nightly walk when the coyote struck. After opening the garage door, Fluffy wandered across the street to the banks of the pond. Within seconds the coyote had bolted from the bushes and set upon the 18-pound dog, grabbing him by the throat. The coyote carried the dog briefly before dropping him and running off.

    “I am afraid of them because they were very vicious and very snarly and hurt her badly,” Hammond [another resident whose dog was attacked] said. “It’s awful.” “

ComEd has agreed to look into trimming the hedges.

Utility Urged to Root Out Coyotes” [Chicago Tribune]