Utility May Help Oust Coyotes

After her small dogs were attacked by coyotes, Illinois resident Julie Winters sought recourse from all manner of sources, from the local police to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Now she may have a surprise ally: the Commonwealth Edison utility company. Reports the Chicago Tribune:

    “Winters said the overgrown landscape screen for a nearby transmission line tower provided a launching pad for the fatal Labor Day mauling of Fluffy, her 11-year-old shih tzu-poodle mix.

    Winters was preparing to take her dogs on their nightly walk when the coyote struck. After opening the garage door, Fluffy wandered across the street to the banks of the pond. Within seconds the coyote had bolted from the bushes and set upon the 18-pound dog, grabbing him by the throat. The coyote carried the dog briefly before dropping him and running off.

    “I am afraid of them because they were very vicious and very snarly and hurt her badly,” Hammond [another resident whose dog was attacked] said. “It’s awful.” “

ComEd has agreed to look into trimming the hedges.

Utility Urged to Root Out Coyotes” [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. ValkRaider says:

    I think we should be helping Coyotes get rid of shitzoodles.

    I grew up in the middle of North America’s largest coyote population, and we never had a single problem. Of course we never had demon-spawn shitzoodles either….

  2. Paul D says:


    That’s what you freakin’ get for having one of those damn Paris Hilton dogs.

    If your dog isn’t big enough to protect itself from a coyote, it deserves to die. That’s called natural selection…

  3. Chris says:

    This is a great idea. Eliminate the habitat of a vanishing wild species, because some ninny can’t be bothered to keep her foo-foo dog on a leash. I’m sorry she lost her pet, but the remedy isn’t to kill the coyotes, or bulldoze their habitats.

  4. Smoking Pope says:

    @Chris: Coyotes are hardly a vanishing wild species. They’ve been spotted recently in even the most urban of environments (Central Park, for example).

    That having been said, we shouldn’t actively work to eliminate them. They’re generally harmless in that they don’t attack humans, although they will snack on small pets (YUM!). I’ve got no problem with trimming hedges, etc. since that’ll just make the coyotes move elsewhere. But fer chrissakes people, you let your pet run around outside without a leash, you’re asking for trouble. The little ankle-biter could’ve been run over by a car, so then I guess you ask ComEd to help get rid of the roads?

  5. airship says:

    It is our god-given right to bulldoze the habitats of all other creatures. If they were the dominant creatures on this planet, don’t you think they’d do the same to us? It’s great to live at the top of the foodchain.

  6. AcidReign says:

    …..In suburban Alabama, no one lets their dog run loose after dark. Coyotes have no place to go, and when they shred someone’s garbage a couple of times, folks buy better-sealing cans. Pretty soon there’s no food except pets and small children.

    …..And if you go out walking the dog, use a leash. A .38 or better on the hip is a good nighttime companion, also. Coyotes aren’t the only displaced predators. Raccoons will sometimes take down a lone dog or cat. And then there are packs of feral dogs to worry about, too.

  7. Ben Popken says:

    Anabelle writes:

    That Fluffy! what a dog he was — opening the garage door all by himself. (Dangling modifier alert.)