The CSPC Hates Kids’ Chemistry Sets

Speaking of ridiculous product bans, chemistry sets and model rockets for kids are probably the next thing to go.

United Nuclear is imploring help fighting a CPSC criminal action against them for selling chemicals to unlicensed hobbyists… chemicals that could be used against the heartland of America in a terrorist attack! Or to teach a kid the wonders of science. Same thing!

The United States CPSC has initiated criminal legal action against us and other chemical suppliers. In short, the CPSC would like to ban the public from all access to chemicals. This would mean an end to hobbies such as model rocketry, pyrotechnics and of course chemistry. One by one, our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us – this action must be stopped now.

They’re asking for donations to fight the charges, from $25 to $1000. We’re with them: safety paranoia goes too far when anything that can be dangerous is criminal. Especially when what they are trying to outlaw is a ten year old building a battery for a science fair, or fondly remembering constructing a model rocket in the backyard with his dad one Halcyon summer weekend.

United Nuclear Legal Action Page

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