UPDATE: Soho Store Long Known A Scam

Thanks to Reader Sten S. for pointing out that we’re not the first guys to notice that the Soho Store is a total scam. Apparently, the Soho bilkers have been common knowledge to the hipster elite on the official Apple forums for sometime. Verdict as of two months ago? Same as it is today. Total scam.

But here’s an interesting detail in regards to their wire transfer only policy. You may be wondering why a legal, quasi-official source for Apple iPods would only accept monetary transactions in the time-honored method of Zimbabwean inheritance spammers. Why can’t you pay by credit card? Well, you can, but check out an additional wrinkle after the jump…

From defyfate in the thread, this email explaining why the iPods are so cheap and about credit card payments:


They are tax reduced and donated products, this sale won’t last long.

We accept major credit cards but there is 27% tax to be added and that is why the wire transfer is offered.

We have a local store in NY, you may find info about it on http://www.apple.com , also contact ownwer of the GCN Corporation, Mr. Noah Feldman at nf@g-c-n.us for reference if needed.

27% tax? What is this, the fucking EU? We’re also interested in the revelation that Soho has a New York store. Props to the Consumerist who can find it!

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