Rich Little Big Crazy For Little Debbies

What a delicious Little Debbie commercial starring Rich Little who was famous in his day for his celebrity impersonations.

Ok, so the first is Jack Nicholson, the next is… Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee? We’re not sure who the other celebrities are supposed to be as we were still in diapers when this ad came out…

…but the 80’s hiphop freshitude certainly has a fabulosity rarely seen out of aerobics videos, which is ironic considering that it’s a junk food commercial.


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  1. Chris says:

    I believe the moonwalking gent is supposed to be George Burns. You may remember him from such John Denver vehicles as “Oh God, Book II.”

  2. Chris says:

    How embarrassed I am to recall that “Oh God! Book II” (punctuation corrected) was a star vehicle for the great “Louanne” (only one name offered, or needed).

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..I’d kill for some Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls about now…

  4. Paul D says:

    John Denver wasn’t in “Oh God! Book II”. He was in the first “Oh God!”, with Terri Garr.

    “Book II”‘s main character was a teenage girl, and “Oh God! You devil!”‘s was a failed musician.

    George Burns was in all three, however.

    /useless information.

  5. airship says:

    Rich Little was one of those guys who could do a couple of impressions pretty well, and then tried to do everybody else and failed miserably. I never found him to be very entertaining. He did do a killer Johnny Carson, though.
    Historical side note: In the last Pink Panther film with David Niven (which was cut together from bits and pieces left over from the previous film), Niven’s voice was so shaky that they had Rich Little dub it for him. Sad.