Sahara East Charges Service To Reactionary Idiot

You know we love listening your complaining, guys. Hell, that’s what this site is about — the masturbatory gratification of the American consumer’s own sense of entitlement! So keep sending us your complaints and we’ll keep on posting them!

But could we please try to keep our complaints in perspective? Every once and a while, we get a complaint so petty that even we — petty pickled fetuses, seething with hate, sitting in a jar on Gawker’s mantel — are forced to roll our bulging pollywog eyes. Some guy once wrote us a couple obscenity-laced pages detailing the time he had to pay a dollar extra for a plate of scrambled eggs. We know, we know — it’s the principle of the thing. But give us a break.

Or take this complaint we just received, from a guy who was so outraged by service being included on his shishah bill that not only did he set up a blog about it, but he is spearheading a Manhattan-wide boycott of the joint “until they are forced to shut down or publicly donate $10,000 to the State of Israel to make up for their thieving ways.”

Dude. It’s six bucks. Six bucks you likely would have tipped anyway. Give us a fucking break.

Boycott Sahara East

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