Memo to The Evil Toymakers

An open letter from a tort professor and dad to the makers of lead-laden products targeted at children:

To: Everyone Who Sells Stuff For Kids

From: Bill Childs, TortsProf Blog

Re: Lead in Toys


I know, you’re busy coming up with new cheap shiny things for my daughter to say she needs as we wander the store. But I’ve noticed a bit of a trend in the few short months I’ve subscribed to the CPSC’s recall mailing list.

So I have some advice that might seem kinda obvious, but evidently it comes as a surprise. It’s pretty simple:…

Find out his deceptively facile suggestion, after the jump…

Stop selling stuff for kids with high levels of lead. That includes:

Mood necklace and ring, glow-in-the-dark necklace and ring, UV necklace and ring.
Metal charm bracelets.
Metal charms.

That’s five lead jewelry recalls in three months.

So stop that. Okay? Thanks.