Great Moments in Corporate Web Presence: Samsonite

After hours of pixel scraping and vector mapping, it seems some web developers of online shopping sites get a bit of a hardon. Wally writes:

    “I don’t have Flash 8 at work, and can’t upgrade without IT approval, which is way too much trouble.

    I was looking for luggage today–during my lunch hour, of course, which is also when I read Consumerist.

    After being asked to install Flash and declining, this is where I was redirected…”

The HTML jockeys seem to have taken the word “can” very literally.

: The silly link has since been fixed, this is how it used to look.


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  1. I hate Flash based websites…it’s just an unnecessary hastle. I wonder if companies are aware that many people are actually turned off by Flash based websites.

  2. Smoking Pope says:

    What’s up with the URL? Scatalog? You can imagine my disappointment.

  3. ValkRaider says:

    I hate flash based websites. If they are flash ONLY I just don’t go there…. At least some sites will have a non-flash version.

    Sure the non-flash version might be lame-o with only the information I am looking for as a value – and I miss all the whiz bang animation – but I think I might live…

    I block flash using SafariStand for Safari

    and Flashblock for Firefox

  4. homerjay says:

    Flash CAN be useful but unfortunately the biggest offenders of Flash overuse end up creating all this artsy-fartsy crap that force you to SLOWLY read all the full-paragraph crap that some marketing goon wrote instead of just the important, informative bullet points that we all want to know about a product.

    Fading in takes time. Fading out takes time. If you’re going to write for flash, make it FAST and for God’s sake, leave the music on your iPod, not on your website.

  5. scingram says:

    Ha ha, somone needs to hire better testers….