Natural Gas Shysters Target Chicago

Shades of Canada…

    “CHICAGO, April 24 — The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) Monday issued a consumer alert, warning utility customers to beware of a natural gas supplier that is going door-to-door using misleading sales tactics to convince consumers to lock in gas prices for the next five years.”

Several of these gassers have showed up on tipster Nancy’s doorstep. She writes on her blog, “One kept calling me, “Stupid, Stupid” loud enough to for neighbors to hear, when I refused to sign-up. Another told me that gas prices were not subject to supply and demand, so prices would only go up if I didn’t lock in prices.” Furthermore, the salesman try to “[pass] themselves off as utility employees and trying very hard to enter my house. These were big guys, pushy guys who when I refused the offer demanded to talk to my husband about it and tried to push past me.”

A spring-loaded stoop may be in order.

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