Left Coasters Buy East Coast Phones For Better Nights And Weekends?

George H. sent us this little note, suggesting a possible way to get better nights and weekends time from your cell phone:

    A comment on Ask MetaFilter doesn’t include any supporting documentation, but if true it could be a good way for people on the west coast to save some cash.

    I recall one of the TWiTs mentioning that they got their cell phone on a trip to Rhode Island, even though they live in California, so their “Nights and Weekends” start hours earlier.

We’re posting this more for curiosity’s sake. How would that work? We could see it working if you kept your Rhode Island number, but if you plugged in a California SIM card into it, wouldn’t your nights and weekends again be measured by local time? The alternative seems to be to always pay long distance and roaming charges to call your local friends.

Anyone have any information on this? We smell bunk, but if it isn’t (and doesn’t involve roaming charges and ubiquitous long distance calls) then it might be a sweet tip.

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