Jack White’s Coke Ad

Some applaud how different this ad is from your typical Coke commercial. Stylistically, this is true but really it just puts a pretty new dress on a classic ad trope. Therein, the product is passed from random person to random person, spreading joy and smiles along the way.

Regardless, companies would be doing their customers a better service to make their advertising as visually appealing as this work.

This new Coke ad, spotted at Ad-Rag, debuted recently in Australia. It features music penned by Jack White of the White Stripes. The video was directed by Michael Gondry Nagi Noda, who also directed four White Stripes music videos. The agency is Mother London Crispin Porter & Bogusky. the agency responsible for the creepy Burger King and the new VW ads, who are like the UK CP&B except with class and imagination.


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  1. Danilo says:

    Why you always gotta be talkin’ smack about CPB, Popken? :(

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Because they get so much praise. Someone needs to take ’em down a notch. They put on their leather pants one leg at a time, just like everyone else.

  3. Danilo says:

    Fair enough. I don’t begrudge anyone their enjoyment of afflicting the comfortable.

    Still, the doughnut coupons in the Mini ads? That was money, sir. I’ve had advertising blasted at me since infancy, but CPB reliably pierces my corporate propaganda callouses.

  4. Ben Popken says:

    Without a doubt, the Mini work was amazing. I just think they’ve gotten wobbly as of late.

  5. Juancho says:

    Alex Bogusky is weeping into 4-ply kleenex made with $100 bills, Ben.

  6. Transuranic says:

    Michel Gondry can do no wrong. Even if he directed a Halliburton commercial, I’d still be all “Oh, stealing oil and cheating taxpayers out of billions… but they’re so cool though!”

    Which is exactly why I am too fogeyed to be cool anymore.