HOWTO: Block Text Message Spam

On Tuesday, several readers wrote in complaining about receiving text message spam. Toby says that T-Mobile’s customer service refunded the 20 cents the spam cost as well as showing him how to keep future unwanted messages away. He writes:

    “On T-mobs website you can choose to filter text messages by wildcard addresses or flat out BLOCK all incoming email messages sent to simply by choosing to block all emails sent to this phone.”

We’re betting the other cellular providers have something like this as well.

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UPDATE: Edward writes, “The ability to do this varies. On my Nokia phone with Working Assets (A Sprint reseller) I needed call Working Assets and they had to disable text messaging on their end.”

That seems dumb that they couldn’t apply a more nuanced solution.


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  1. When I was living in Japan, this was a huge problem. Although, text messages only cost 1 yen each (less than a penny) there.

    The phone companies had to finally allow the customers to change their email address to an alphabetic type, rather than just their “phone number”@docomo etc. This would be a better solution than just “blocking all emails.”

  2. e says:

    T-Mobile didn’t offer to refund me. That’s messed up.

  3. airmide says:

    I recently subscribed to the T-mobile myfaves plan, with a Nokia 5300. They charge to send and receive text messages, emails, pictures and IM’s. All of those come automatically enabled on the phone and from what I have found, there is no way to block incoming messages.

    I tried the fix listed in this article (Find it by going to the main website and log in with your phone number and password to My Tmobile. Click on Communication Tools then on the upper right side there is a box that says Resources and in that box click on Create Spam and Keyword Filters)

    I am able to block all emails to handsets, and also to create special filters. The only issue with this is that from what I understand this will block emails but not text messages, which can still be sent from handsets to my phone number.

    I also changed my email address from to so it wouldn’t be as easy to find/guess.

    The T-mobile rep I talked with told me that Motorola phones have the ability to block text and other features but most other brands of phones do not.

    If anyone knows how to block actual text messages rather than just emails I would really like to find out!!

  4. Maartje says:

    What T-mobile states is not true. I have blocked unwanted numbers and they are still getting through. This filter blocks unwanted email, not texting.
    When I call T-mobile and ask for additional help they will not return my calls. When I ask them why they do not return my calls they state that “they answered my question” (texting cannot be blocked) and that they are not violating my contract by not wishing to discuss it further.
    I have been forced to buy additional services (ie text messaging)because of this. As soon as this contract with T-mobile is up, I will go somewhere else, where I can block texting.Not only do they refuse to provide a “block texting alltogether ” service, their text plans is the most expensive around. ($15.99 unlimited) and single messages are 15 cents each- they just went up..

  5. humph says:

    hey, found this on a forum:

    …there is a service number that allow text messages to come thru and out. it is usually under the text messages set up on your phone. if you delete this number, text messages will not come thru nor go out…the number is +12063130004. if you take the + or just one of the numbers out it should stop the messages if you do not want text messages. but of course that stops all text messages. hope this helps.

  6. humph says:

    ***you have to do this everytime you turn off and on your phone b/c the + and/or any number you take out comes back! idk why.

  7. bad_toad_2000 says:

    On my Nokia 5300, I added a “new” message center (lets call it bogus), and made it my “Msg. center in use”. Not really sure if it stops the Texting (wasn’t worth the 15c to find out), but it survives Off/On cycling.

  8. YancyClaw says:

    T-Mobile finally lets you block all text messages. They’ve added a new service option to block all text messages, e-mails or all chargeable messages in general. They did it back in May, but it’s not like they told their customers about it though.