Where’s My Ebate?

Does anyone know a good, direct way to contact Ebates.com?

David purchased a TV through Circuit City and clicked through Ebates.com to get an additional $50 rebate. He has yet to receive his money or an answer to any of his emails or online queries to customer service.

FatWallet and CircuitCity have confirmed that the purchase was indeed tied to Ebates.

Hopefully by posting his message here someone will have an idea or the Ebates customer service team will spot it and get on the case.

UPDATE: Anne-Marie suggests emailing Dylan Campobianco, the Customer Care Manager at customercarereply [the at sign] ebates [the dot sign] com.

UPDATE: Ebates responds, after the jump..

Dylan from Ebates writes:

    “Dear Ben,

    Great site!

    I would love to respond by saying that Ebates has nothing to do with mail-in rebates, but we do offer cash-back to our members who shop on-line. We would be glad to help the customer who posted on your site, and Anne-Marie is correct about our email address. (customercarereply@ebates.com) We currently have a very low response-time, and should get back to your customer within the day.

    If you’d like to invite me to be a poster that would be great. In any case, I really like your site and wish you all the best.


    Dylan Campopiano
    Customer Care Manager

We’ve given Dylan a login so maybe he will have more to say.


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  1. x23 says:

    rebates should be illegal.

    (other than “instant” ones thats is… which should be called “sales”.)

    either learn to sell things for the pre-rebate price. or don’t sell it.

    never once got a mail-in rebate back. and thus… never buy things rebatedly anymore. why should *i* roll the dice on some big purchase? i’d probably have better luck tossing darts or flipping a card to get the money back. this isn’t a freaking county fair… it’s an electronics store.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Brigita writes:

    “I’ve always had nothing but luck with checking in on and getting those Ebates which weren’t automatically credited, using the Where’s my cash back? form under Contact Customer Care. In fact, they just got back to me (w/in 24h) on a purchase that I actually didn’t make through them (remembered after the fact).”

  3. GenXCub says:

    I’ve never had a rebate issue, but I usually deal with large companies like Comp USA and Fry’s Electronics… do they wait 6 or 7 months before you get them? Yeah… But it’s not like I’m hinging on that $25 check to pay the rent or something.