Clinical Drug Trials, Bought And Paid For

What a shock: when a major pharmaceutical company sponsors a study comparing the effectiveness of its product over its competitors, they aren’t paying to be trumped. They’re stacking the deck.

When companies like Eli Lilly or Pfizer sponsor a study, they almost invariably come out on top as more effective than their rivals. Comparatively, federal studies often show that drugs not under patent are the most effective in treating illnesses.

Studies sponsored by drug companies try to stiff the competition by using too low dosages on competitors’ drugs, or very specific statistical or clinical wording to make their drug shine through.

So doctors depend on clinical studies to prescribe the right medicine, but those clinical studies are essentially advertisements Well well well. First diseasemongering, now buying clinical trials off. What will the pharmaceutical industry think up next?

Drug studies skewed toward study sponsors [Washington Post]

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