We Know His Name. Calls From a Stranger: UPDATE

We have a name. George Martinez. Found by shelling out the twenty bux at Intellus.us. We are lazy P.I’s. Unfortunately, no address… yet. We caution, however, the information may not be current and there are a ton of George Martinez’s in Ft. Lauderdale, including the Office Director of the U.S. Commercial Service in Florida.

Sorry if our quest for information seems rapacious but it really got our whistle wet.

This may the only time where we’ve ever wished we were more of a victim, then we could exact revenge by filing a police report and then telling ourselves about it.

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UPDATE: We have corroboration for the name. Jordan writes, “Hey, just to confirm, I pulled up the phone number from the “Calls From a Stranger” using a database our company employs for skip tracing purposes and also got similar results:

(954) 678-8026

The information provided by the company is updated on a daily basis.”

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