UPDATE: Calls From a Stranger, 954-678-8026

We’ve been having a devil of a time tracking down this phone-spammer. None of the reverse phone-lookup services gave us more information than that the number used to be with “Global Crossing Local” and is now with the MetroPCS cellphone company. The number is listed as being in Fort Lauderale, FL, sleazy marketing capital of the world.

We called MetroPCS (1-888-863-8768, press #, 4, 3). We asked if they would shut the number down. The Metro PCS Terms of Service forbid using their system for telemarketing. Supervisor Bonnie says that she doesn’t even see the phone number as being active in their system.

Yet the calls continue. Very mysterious.

The plot thickens, after the jump…

When asked if it was possible for someone to “spoof” a phone number, she said she was unaware of any such technology.

She took down all our info and the offending number and said she would send a request to corporate and have them investigate the matter. She also advised us to call 1-888-382-1222 press 4, which is the National Do Not Call registry. However, to file a complaint with this division of the FCC, one needs to have registered their phone number 30 days prior. You can also do the same thing at donotcall.gov.

So, here’s what we suggest. 1) If you’ve registered your number with the donotcall registry at least 30 days ago, go to the website and claim these 954-678-8026 called you. Or, you can send us your number and we’ll do it for you. Shades of gray? We don’t care, these creeps need to get their pinatas busted.

In the meantime, we await to see if MetroPCS does anything about the problem. We’ll check back in a week or half or so with Bonny and see if she gets a response from corporate.

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