MERCK Gets Mercked for $9 Million in Vioxx Suit

A jury awarded $9 million in punitive damages to John Darby who blamed his heart attacks on Vioxx. The sum is a defeat for drug-maker Merck, which, for some fucking reason, was assumed to be “bulletproof” because the trial took place in New Jersey.

Only 9,650 suits and 19,000 plaintiffs to go. Merck had $6 billion in profits last year.

photo: John McDarby’s wife, facing front, hugged by lawyer after damages awarded.

Merck Jury Adds $9 Million in Damages” [NYT]


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  1. Papercutninja says:

    Wasn’t he an older gentleman? Don’t older people get heart attacks?

    This whole Vioxx thing is bullshit, a buncha whiney litigious asses ruined a medication for lots of people. My girlfriend’s mom has arthritis and Vioxx was the ONLY med that was able to help her out. Her hands are kinda important because she’s a NURSE.