Virgin Express’ David Cronenberg’s The Brood

Over at the illustrious AdFreak, we saw this European ad for Virgin express, in which the fetal claw of an unborn child rips through the plushy layers of its mother’s belly to grasp at what appears to be an Apple brand Mighty Mouse. Or maybe someone punched their fist through her back, we’re not quite sure. The slogan? The earlier you book, the cheaper you fly.

As AdFreak points out, this could be a scene from any of a number of 1970’s horror movies. David Cronenberg’s The Brood. Alien. Rosemary’s Baby. Even the recent Dawn of the Dead remake’s zombie childbirth scene. But a larger question is this: since when does advanced pregnancy evoke virginity? Did this beatific virgin just not wipe down a bus station toilet seat before she sat on it?

Virgin Express, airline of the unborn (and quite possibly nonhuman) [AdFreak]

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