Monday Morning Reminder: Complain To Us!

We can never get enough complaints. Well, we can when they are about us: every one of those huffy “I’m offended!” emails you guys send to us puts a mortal pang into the ichorous core of our black, black hearts. After all, certainly every individual has a god given right to walk out of the house every day and be confident that they will not have their delicate sensibilities ruffled. We understand that; we relate. We appreciate your concerns!

No, the complaints we can’t get enough of are your complaints about the companies that have bent you over or incompetently served you. Likewise, we love your tips on how to be a responsible or savvy consumer. As always, a good chunk of our content every week comes from you guys — we’re here to give you a public podium for the wrongs companies have done to you, whether that’s enough publicity to drum up a satisfactory resolution or just to give you a place to vent.

So if you’ve got a complaint or a tip and want to voice it, email us at Chances are we’ll be happy to post it, along with a link to your blog, if you have one.

Here’s some of the stories last week that came from your emails:

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