UPDATE: Mechanics’ Hubris in Humble, Texas

The Consumerist makes dreams come true.

On March 28th, we posted a story about a senior citizen who felt she was getting ripped off for car inspections in Humble, Texas.

Today, a Texas government worker came across the story and offers up some very salient tips and courses of action for Margaret, as well as links to the Texas Transportation Code.

We were duly impressed…


Mandy writes:

    “I ran across your story about the Humble, TX mechanic debacle and I would like to add a little information. Humble is in a non-attainment county, which means that they are subject to emissions testing fees in addition to the $12.50 inspection fee. For a listing of Texas non-attainment counties and a station locater go to [here].

    For the requirements of the steering portion of the inspection go to [here].

    In addition, she needs to go to a mechanic and have them put in writing that the power steering system is not leaking, and have more than one do it too. It is just as illegal to report a false inspection as it is to drive around in a car that would not pass an inspection. Every DPS office has inspection personnel that monitor the stations that do
    inspections and distribute the inspection stickers. By law, they must investigate complaints on inspection stations. …[As] Chapter 548 of the Texas Transportation Code [says]…

    In addition, when you have an inspection and fail, the station DOES NOT charge you for the inspection. They give you a fail slip and put a big black X on the back of your current sticker. (That’s for the regular safety inspection, I’m not sure if they refund the emissions fee.)”

Thank you, Compliance Assistance Specialist for the TCEQ Small Business and Local Government Assistance Office of Texas!

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