Verizon D.S.L. = “Does Suck Loads”

Eric hates Verizon DSL. All he wanted to do is switch around his contract to save $8.00 a month.

That was simple enough.

After the change, his connection was a lot slower. He’s tried mightily to get it back up to the level he had before, only to be told by several reps that it was impossible to get that rate and he had either been “imagining” the rate or was “lying.”

His chronicle, after the jump…

Eric writes:

    “Hi guys. Long time listener, first time caller.

    I have Verizon DSL, I’ve had it for about 3 years. There’s never been any problem, every thing has been chugging along without a problem, and I have 3.0 speeds pretty consistently. Or rather, I HAD 3.0 pretty consistently, until recently. Here’s the story.

    About a month ago, I called Verizon billing to get put on their 1 year contract (I thought I had BEEN on the contract already, but that’s another story). Let me tell you, I HATE contracts. Verizon likes people being under contract, as it makes it harder for them to leave, but I figured I wasn’t going anywhere, and I’d be saving $8.00 a month. So,
    why not, right?

    The rep was pleasant, and switched me to the yearly plan, boom bap, done. I still had my 3.0 megs and I was saving $8.00 a month. Great.

    Except, the next morning my speed was down to 1.5 megs.

    After rebooting the modem a couple of times, I realized that Verizon screwed up and cut my speed. I spent about an hour on the phone with a tech who, after doing all their usual testing told me that INDEED Verizon screwed up, and they would have my speed back to 3.0 within 24 hours.

    Except that it wasn’t. The next morning it was down to 768 kb.

    I again called tech support, and was told that I was too far away from the central office to get 3.0. I explained that I had already HAD 3.0 for over 2 years. I was told that I did not. My line was only provisioned for 1.5 megs, so I could not POSSIBLY have had 3.0. Apparently, I had been imagining it. Or lying. The rep actually told me that.

    It only got more ridiculous from there.

    I have spoken with billing, tech support and presidential appeals more times than I can count, and each time the answer is the same: “You will have your 3.0 back within 24 hours”, only to be told the next day that it is impossible to give me 3.0. No one can explain why it is impossible to give me something that I had ALREADY HAD FOR OVER 2

    Frustrating? You bet.

    SO, I’ve been able to get back to 1.5 megs, thanks to a very hard working and conscientious 3rd level tech from Ontario, who stayed on top of it far longer than she should have had to. I appreciate her help.

    Most of the other Verizon reps could have cared less, some were actually hostile towards me and my problem, flatly telling me that the problem that I was describing was “impossible” and NVF, or “Not Verizon’s Fault”.

    I am a computer repair guy, I fix home and small business systems. I’ve been asked recently by a few customers, to recommend the best high speed internet service. Up until a month ago, my answer would have been Verizon DSL. Now, the answer is different. Verizon has lost at least 3 prospective customers, and unless something
    magically changes, will be losing me shortly. As I’ve been a happy Verizon customer for the last 3-4 years, this really sucks.

    Thanks for listening,



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  1. I hate, hate, hate Verizon DSL. I had service switched into my name after a neighbor left (so we wouldn’t have to wait for a new modem, the neighbor simply put their account into my name.) I’ve been paying the bills for sixth months, and I recently had to reset my modem. In order to give me the information I needed to set up the account, I had to know the answer to my old neighbor’s secret question. Nevermind that the name and address on the account was mine, they needed to know where Stacy went to high school.

    This was all because THEY had not changed the information when they switched over the accounts. The only thing they said they could do was to disconnect the DSL, set up a new DSL account, and give me, I kid you not, a new phone number.

    Oh, and that was all after they accused me of stealing the Internet bandwidth.

  2. Paul D says:

    Respectfully, my question is…how exactly has the 3.0 speed been metered?

    Unfortunately, most of the bandwidth monitors on the client side are not accurate, and could very well register a 1.5 as 3.0.

    Your best bet is to go third-party and try DSL Reports. But I’ve read some skepticism as to their accuracy as well.

    Long story short, it’s uncool of Verizon to call you a liar. But your speed assessment may not be correct after all.

    In any case, even with an inaccurate measurement, if you’re showing considerably slower speeds by ANY means, something has definitely changed for the worst and you’re right to complain.

  3. mrscolex says:

    The CO myth is one of my favorite things to deal with. Often times the verizon systems don’t keep an accurate reflection of exactly what CO you go to or worse yet, you’ll get prequalified at a particular CO, the tech goes on site and goes, “Whoops, actually that’s not the CO you go to so you don’t even get DSL.”

    It sounds to me like thats exactly what is happening to you, but in reverse.

    Want more info? Go here:

    From there punch in your information, (don’t put in your email address), when you are done you’ll get a name of the switching station you were at. Take that name and plug it into here:

    At the top where it asks for a CLLI code. This is the code that indicates your CO. It will give you a handy google map to show you exactly where your CO is and how far away from you it is. The tricky thing here is your CO is dependent on your telephone exchange (first 3 digits of your telephone number)– but there are occasionally one-offs where even with the same telephone exchange you aren’t *guaranteed* to go to the same CO. For instance, if you ever moved and kept your original phone number– this will confuse the hell out of Verizon technicians and they will see you as going to a different CO than you are actually tied to.

  4. sputnik says:

    I’ve been using Verizons own speed test.
    Previously, I had had 2.8 – 3.0meg pretty consistantly, and since then, 1.5meg is as high as it goes.

    My D/L speeds using newsbin halved as well. So, yeah, they screwed me.

  5. Paul D says:

    Ah HA!

    Yes. Usenet binaries. The most accurate test of download bandwidth…heheheh.

    That’s usually the first thing I use to test my DL speeds.

  6. Amy Alkon says:

    The problem is, with these monopolistic ISPs, we have few choices. I’m with the buttwads at Comcast, and I’m not happy about it, but where else do I go? By the way, both Comcast and Verizon were automatically blocking email from a number of European IPs. My friend’s a Swiss journalist, working for a major Italian magazine, and she almost lost work because of it. And no, whitelisting the addresses doesn’t help. Thanks again to our congressturds and senaturds for fighting for our best interest.