Gurls, Gurls, Gurls! Viral Ad Done Right

This viral ad for Lynx Anti-perspirant (slogan: “Making your armpits smell like a wild animal”) starts off with a coy British girl setting up her webcam to give her number to a boy she met at a party the previous night. She then performs an exotic strip tease for the camera, flashing parts of her body with her phone number written on it. Then her girlfriend stumbles through the door and they have a pillow and tickle fight. Then a roommate stumbles out of the shower and some cheerleaders walk in. And it just gets better from there.

The movie advises you to go to Lynx’s viral website, We’ll save you some time: don’t bother, it’s terrible. Just watch the movie and crack a grin. Word of warning: though the movie is pretty work-safe, we’ve been told by friends that the banner ads around it sometimes aren’t. So make sure your boss Mr. Solomon Kane isn’t looking over your shoulder before you click.

Lynx Click More Viral Ad [Kontraband]

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