Don’t Want No Uggs

Showcasing a penchant for dorky punnery and thereby winning our hearts, Kelley writes:

    “I just had an uggly experience with

    I received a pair of Uggs as a gift from my well-meaning, but trend-delayed brother and sister-in-law for my birthday. I decided to secretly return them for a pair of shoes that cost $15 more than the Uggs (and that don’t feel like I am stepping on baby lambs)…”

Kelley continues:

    “Then I checked’s return policy. A gift can only be returned for an item of the same or lesser value. So I called the company. No, I was told by a ruthless, haggard robot on the phone. I have to pick out a cheaper shoe. They don’t want any more money from me. I can’t enclose a check, money order, credit card number, gold bar, wampum, nothing. I either have to call my sister-in-law and tell her that I wouldn’t be caught dead in Uggs, so that I can return them, or I have to sell them on eBay.

    The rep could care less when I told her that I would just return the shoes so they will lose the sale completely and I will never do business with them again. So I told her I would write on your website about my experience. Then she yelled at me to either just buy a cheaper pair of shoes or return them.

    What kind of company does not want more money?