Consumer-Made Ad Mocks Chevy

With all the bloat and spasmodic jibbering about consumer-generated ads, it’s nice to see one backfire. Chevy teamed up with The Apprentice to hold an online contest where you remix video and sound clips to make your own Chevy Tahoe ad. Winners receive their choice various expense paid trips.

This entrant satirizes the SUV industry. With their own tools.

Irony, you are mistress most fetching.

View it here quick, before Chevy gets wise and takes it down.

UPDATE: Link is down. Posting screenshots shortly…

UPDATE: Screenshots posted after the jump.

UPDATE: A preserved version of the parody in question made it to YouTube:

(Thanks to KevinQ for the YouTube catch!)

Less than two hours after getting posted here and on CBCNews, a user-generated Chevy Tahoe ad, an entrant in the “Make a Chevy Tahoe Ad and Win a Free Trip” contest, is down. The ad mocked SUVs, gas guzzling, planet raping, and inane car ads. For some reason, Chevy didn’t want that on their site.


Good thing we had the foresight to take screen shots.













Guess Chevy’s definition of the American Revolution doesn’t include the freedom of speech.

Consumer-Made Ads Backfires for Chevy [CBCnews]


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  1. KevinQ says:

    Please tell me that somebody with better tech skills than I knows how to save that for posterity. That is a classic.


  2. Paul D says:

    Link is dead.

  3. GenXCub says:

    My temporary internet files saved the .swf files (it’s broken into 10 or so pieces), but each segment doesn’t play right.

  4. KevinQ says:

    Your good friends at YouTube have some of the commercials. Looks like there was more than just the one:

    It looks like there’s more than one parody. They start at about the third one down that list. A 30-second version of the one pictured above is here:



  5. ValkRaider says:

    Anyone know how they are converting them to upload to YouTube?

  6. GamblesAC2 says:

    heres another one

    + Watch video