WalMart *Does* Sell Purple Ribbon

We’ve been covering this Wal-Mart in Missouri accused of refusing to sell “immoral” purple Mardi Gras ribbon. Eagle-eyed reader Beth took a close look at some of the pictures the NoCoast blog posted to support their claim.

She writes, “If you look closely at the head-on picture, at the bottom, you will see… um, is that purple? Yes, thin purple… with a couple spots on either side that are empty. Almost as if the store ran out of purple ribbon in a Marti Gras-fueled frenzy.”

We went ahead and mocked up her findings:

We placed an eyedropper tool (which grabs the color of the pixel the tool is placed over) on the ribbon spool inside the red circle. Then we used a the paint bucket tool to make a colored box.

Maybe the NoCoast blog missed the purple ribbon, being too busy looking for offense.