Mercury Research Calls Us ‘Full of Crap.’ We Agree.

We posted the following comment over at the Radio Marketing Nexus blog in response to their post calling us Haters of Radio:

    “Guess what? We like radio and listen to it frequently. We even used to work in radio.

    We don’t like marketing surveys that appear to be self-serving to the organizations that conduct them. We won’t impugn your survey methods, because frankly, we’re busy.”

They respond with vim, vigor and bubbles, after the jump…

Mark replied:

    “Well, Bob, maybe you should have done your homework then before drawing conclusions about who did what under whose sponsorship.

    We paid for the study ourselves, it so happens. And anyone who spends any time on this blog knows full well that we call a spade a spade, whether it suits the industry or not. Look around and see for yourself.

    If you’re too busy writing a bubble-headed post to study up on our survey methods or at least refer to the limitations we noted in our post and our industry communications, then I suggest you acknowledge your ignorance so your readers know how full of crap you are.”

We would’ve retorted, but Mark closed the comments, presumably to head us off from saying something like this:

    “Our readers already know how full of crap we are. That’s why they read.

    P.S. Bob’s your uncle, not my name. “

Which we emailed to him. He replied back, “I fixed the name. Sorry about that. Not intentional.”

Mark is probably a fine fellow and it’s not cool to hate radio, it’s fool. But if the response to our survey and posts is any idication, is questionable how “beyond reproach” his numbers are. Perhaps there’s stat-hoes amongst you readers that would like to check it out and report back?

If not, that’s okay, we’ll just let this one die. Like radio.


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