Get a Free Starbucks Card

Get a free Starbucks or Tully’s gift certificate by filling out this survey on whether you like the Flash! accounting and consulting newsletter.

Just be mindful in answering the additional comments area. And do pick a reasonable sounding dealership.

It would be a shame if pranksters filled it with irrelevent, snarky jabs at the integrity of the accounting industry, causing Flash! to take down the survey and ruining the hot frappacino injections for everyone else.

(Thanks to Dewan!) photo cred.

UPDATE: Well, the survey is dead due to ‘abuse.’ So Dewan sent us a few more “surveys for schwag” for you gremlins to molest.

  • Free Starbucks Gift Card from Oracle. You will see a question saying: “What vendors or products have been deployed or are under evaluation to enable your SOA/Web Services strategy? Please list top three.” You should answer: IBM, HP, Hyperion.
  • Free mug for signing up to do surveys.

  • Free “Floss in Style” T-shirt

  • Printable Colgate Coupons

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