The Greatest Car Salesman You’ve Never Heard Of

Not sure what in the heyhoo is going on here but this appears to be 1970s gag reel ad attacking car dealer Ralph Williams for “raping San Francisco out of every dollar.” Funny! NSFW, for adult language and situation insinuations.

The uploader writes, ‘Let us all raise a glass of vinegar to this flamethrower, wherever-or whoever- he is. Godspeed. Hell, I’d even buy the panting German Shepherd from this awesome scrotum-crusher.”


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  1. KevinQ says:

    A video so good you should watch it twice?


  2. My favorite part is the financing he offers. 5 years at $100 per month makes the car cost $6,000 instead of $1,800. If you play with the math it works out to be an interest rate of 45%. In the early 80’s a 5 year treasury bonds yielded as much as 15%, but during the 70’s the rate fluctuate between 5 – 10%. This is a markup of at least 35% over the safest investment you can buy.

  3. factotum says:

    Hmm, well it is a legit address. Now home to “Grace Honda” (see,+San+Brun… )

    That big dog or whatever on the hood reminds me of Cal Worthington and his dog Spot. Cal’s an infamous Norcal auto dealer who back in the day peppered his commercials with a bevy of circus animals.