Nutrition Data At Quiznos, Or Lack There Of…

Okay, we’re bad consumers. Ben and I are both pretty lithe and any excess calories that we absorb are generally burned off by a healthy diet of chain smoking and beer drinking. So while we both have eaten at Quiznos from time to time, we never even bothered to check whether or not they had nutritional information up for their sandwiches.

As it turns out, though, they don’t, and the U.S. Food Policy blog spends a healthy amount of time taking them to task for it. Not having most of the nutritional information is bad enough, but it’s the nutritional information that Quiznos does present that is the real problem. It turns out that they only have readily available nutritional information for the sandwiches they market as healthy choices — asking for the content, calories and saturated fats of everything else Quiznos sells just gets you the run-around.

As Fast Food News says, it doesn’t make any sense not to release this information. Most people won’t care as long as it tastes good, but those who are health conscience (or just strong consumerists) will be more likely to eat at Quiznos, not less, given full transparency.

The U.S. Food Policy blog is especially irked by this lack of information given a recent Quiznos sandwich called the Steakhouse Beef Dip Sub. Sounds like a delicious artery burster, but it was promoted by the federal government’s Beef Checkoff Board. The hypocrisy is stunning, although perhaps unsurprising: a government body we trust to regulate what we put into our bodies won’t actually tell us what’s in a sandwich they’re endorsing.

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