France Furthers Anti-iPod DRM Bill

Liberte, Egalite, no DRM? The French are voting on legislation that would restrict iTunes and its ilk from from limiting upon which devices the music can be played or how the songs can be shared. [Photo from recent student demonstrations outside the Sorbonne, just imagine the mattress represents a giant iPod and we’re good to go.]

Guess Jobs forgot to tip the waiters on his last tango in Paris.


    “On Tuesday French lawmakers voted 296 to 193 in support of a law that would stop Apple, plus any other firm selling music downloads, using proprietary software to limit what people can do with tracks they have bought.

    The draft law now goes to the Senate – the upper house of the French parliament – for final approval before it gets on to the statute books.

    Said Apple: “…Free movies for iPods should not be far behind in what will rapidly become a state-sponsored culture of piracy.”

Good thing that, in the face of immigrant uprising, anti-Semitic homicides, neo-nationalist fervor, and student demonstrations, the French legislature takes time to answer the most pressing questions: can we share pirated Serge Gainsbourg with our mistresses?


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  1. SecureLocation says:

    Okay, so the French are vile. But this isn’t bad idea. Why should I be forced to buy music from iTunes to use their hardware? Apple is (almost) as arrogant as France.

  2. Karmakin says:

    Furthermore, what happens if Apple goes out of business 50, 100 years down the road. There are no more available players to play the DRM’d music that you purchased? That’s the principle at play here, not “piracy”.

  3. adamondi says:

    Who in the world is going to be listening to the same AAC tracks in 50 or 100 years? Seriously?

    Also, you are not forced to buy music from iTunes to use an iPod. You can buy a CD and rip it to mp3 and use it on your iPod just fine.

    The point that everyone seems to be missing here is that France is not a large enough market in the grand scheme of things to convince Apple or any other large company to change their entire business model. They will simply pull out of the market altogether, and then Frenchies will just have to buy Sony CDs with rootkit software.

  4. OkiMike says:

    May the Lord forgive anyone who, 100 years from now, is still listening to their Britney Spears songs they downloaded off of iTunes.

  5. AcidReign says:

    …..I likely won’t be around in 50 years, but I have been listening for 30 years to my 1970s collection of ELO albums. Probably will continue till I go deaf! Hint: make your mp3s out of rips from the LPs. The Out of the Blue CD I got for Christmas has some weird digital noises in it…