Software Weak Link in ATM Scam Fingered

The mystery third party transaction software provider implicated in the ATM debit card scam scandal may have been named by VISA.

    “Two versions of cash-register software made by Fujitsu Transaction
    Solutions are under scrutiny, according to a warning Visa issued to
    the companies that process card transactions for some of the nation’s
    largest retailers,” in a CNET report pointed to us by Jon.

According to reports, OfficeMax uses the software in their registers and is still denying any security breach.

    “Neither one of the Fujitsu products, RAFT and GlobalStore, is among the products approved by the major credit card companies. This doesn’t mean that the software doesn’t meet industry standards. It only means that the software hasn’t undergone the review process needed for sanctioning by the group, according to a note on Visa’s site.”

Translation: It only means they “might” not meet industry standards, a possibility which seems to have been fulfilled.

    “It’s really the responsibility of a company doing business to protect their customers,” said Branden Williams, a principal consultant at computer-infrastructure firm VeriSign.

Translation: Heads will roll. We think they all should, all the way down the line, from card machine software maker to Office Max to the banks to the credit card companies handling the transactions. We’ll get the WD-40 and whetstone out for the guillotine.

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