Pummeled by Amazon.com’s Plogs

On the internet, your sins are eternally extant.

Whenever P. goes to Amazon.com, he’s treated to Poppy Z’s plog. “Whatever a “plog” is, it hurts,” he says. Amazon.com is punishing him for a Courtney Love biography by Poppy Z (pictured) a few years ago.

Poppy Z’s plog pumping and her topless photos, after the jump.

courtney.jpgHe figured out that Poppy Z wrote the Courtney Love biography he bought used on Amazon over five years ago. Now he has to see Poppy’s Plog, which he claims links to her topless self photos on Flickr.

Please note, the plog didn’t actually link to her topless photos. Somehow, P. found them. That’s not really important, however. What’s important is that Amazon delivers ‘opt-out’ based plog content, filling people’s screens with stuff they didn’t ask for.

Amazon.com defines plog as, “personalized weblog.”

P. writes, “The plog is worse than the Gold Box, worse than The Page You Made that’s still punishing me for that *one* Cure album I got. Next I’ll hit google’s home page and it’s show me be the blog of some ex-girlfriend I googled while drunk in 2003.” Here’s the offending screenshot:


Poppy is aware of the “prickly minority” who don’t like her plog and says that people can “scroll down to the middle of the page where you’ll find a box on the right that says “Change what you receive from Poppy Z. Brite” and adjust your preferences accordingly.”

Furthermore, she writes, “This blog is innocuous as hell compared to my real one, but I still don’t want to be inundating people with stuff they’re not interested in.”

To her credit, it’s not Poppy’s fault that Amazon decided to give you her blog without asking you about it. However, her Mardi Gras costume this year, is:

[ed. Image taken down at Poppy’s request and threats to sue us.]

Please, please, just don’t flash us your no-handed “V is For Victory” salute.

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