This Week In: Best Comments

The very best in comments this week, as determined by our fatuous whimsy.

By the way, congrats. Either you’re getting smarter and funnier or the carbon monoxide treated meat is gnawing away at our synaptic tissues.

Your limelight, which you better damn well appreciate because this is really a bitch to format, after the jump…


Apparently, she aslo lobbed airsick bags around the cabin between her bouts of shrieking. For some reason I can not stop laughing about that particular aspect. Blood curdling screams interspersed with casual tosses of vomit bags.


“Faces can double as a cheap and fun chair.”
NO ONE is sitting on my face.


“To many observers, we’re getting dangerously close to the edge. But we’ve heard that same warning several times in the past and have never actually fallen off so we can probably continue walking in the same direction safely.”


So, the terrorists have it all wrong, bombs are so late 90’s. All they need is 5 guys on a plane with a synchronized cell phone power-up.

Rick Dobbs

Le Blanc, huh? Maggots are white.

mark duffy

Sony is like a greedy proctologist.


It’s for seppuku later.


Riighht…. Her future husband’s grandfather built the house and his mother was raised in the house. What town was this, Mayberry? What are there, about 4 houses in that town?

Mr. Moto

Who is writing this crap? This post is hard to read. The last post was extremely insensitive with it’s headline, and the post before that was worse than this one.

Just a comment from one of your consumers.


Kudos also for the completely over-the-top exploding airplane. Much amusement was thus delivered.


i don’t like salespeople bugging me. or anyone really unless i ask for it. happens much much much less now that i dress like a hobo.


What’s in his trunk? All the white fucking flooring and walls in those soulless commercials of theirs.


It’s true: Wal-Mart and Target are worlds apart. After all, Target sells Michael Graves paper shredders and Wal-Mart does not.



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