“Smiling Bob” Penis Pill Scammers Nailed

Like most of you, we at the Consumerist have an entire Hotmail account devoted to unsolicited emails from Eastern European girls asking us if we want to see naked pictures of them and making frankly personal inquiries as to the size of our penis. And while we are always eager to see more anonymous hot and naked girls, we’ve learned long since that no pill on Earth is going to help us so much that we will have to tape our member to our chest when getting dressed every morning. These products just never work as advertised.

So we’re delighted to note that dietary supplement scam house Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals has been fined $2.5mm for false advertising on their “Smiling Bob” penile enhancement pills. They were nailed not only for making unsubstantiated “Human Tripod” claims about their products, but also for the old bugbear of not honoring a money-back guarantee. Additionally, they will have to make full restitution to any customers they ripped-off.

Have you been ripped off by Smiling Bob penile enhancement pills? Why not tell us about it in our comments section. Note to ladies: you too.

Link: “Smiling Bob” Not Smiling Anymore

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