Eating ‘Unpaid’ Pancakes Ends in Fatal IHOP Shooting


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  1. sanloublues says:

    One theory amongst friends of the victims (I saw it in the first Washington Post article on the story) was that they left the money on the table instead of taking it up to the cashier as is the practice at IHOP. It sounded like that was just a rumour though.

  2. WMeredith says:

    Yeah, that sounds like sensationalist BS.

    As far as the actual news article goes, how sad. Drugs/Alcohol and guns spell disaster almost anyway you mix them.

  3. Josh says:

    So much for free pancakes at IHOP.

    I guess there is nosuch thing as a free lunch.

    Note the person doing the shooting was an off duty cop who worked security for IHOP.

  4. Roadgeek says:

    I feel badly for the family of the dead person, but perhaps next time his friends will pay for dinner before leaving. The off-duty cop was being paid by the restaurant for a reason; perhaps that particular IHOP has had a prolem with “skips” in the past.
    Expect a huge lawsuit momentarily. Most civilians have no idea how quickly a situation can spiral out of control when adrenaline starts pumping through the veins of a police officer. Even good cops might be tempted to shoot at a fleeing vehicle; it’s probably best (and safest) to simply obey the law and let discretion be the better part of valor.

  5. OkiMike says:

    What was an off-duty cop carrying a gun for? Did IHOP really require their security guards to carry deadly force? For what?? Armed and dangerous flapjacks?

  6. non-meat-stick says:

    Why not just get the license plate number and call his buddy real cops? This situation is rediclous, he killed someone over a 45$ IHOP bill? I bet the coffee was cold. What the fuck?!?

  7. Anonymous says:

    He was a friend of a friend.

    And no, leaving money on the table wasn’t a rumor. That was how it was done at an IHOP they used to visit. The one they went to that night didn’t take money like that….the story ends with heartbroken friends and the saddest guitar chord progressions I’ve ever heard.

  8. Chris Walters says:

    the person who wrote the first article was an insesitive bastard, an obviously diddnt know the facts as well as he thought he did, i would know i was one of the passengers of the jeep. he died over 40 dollars thats the issue at had here. Yea ok his friends ran out of a tab at ihop, so what they made a mistake. But is someones life worth that bill?? And better yet why didnt the cop take the licence plate down, why did he run out infront of the vehicle, putting himself in danger?? all are questions too late to ask now. but here is one worth asking, why publicly slander the story? why is this a joke to somebody, an innocent teenagers life was taken over food. and just to clear the rumors drugs and alcohol did not cause this to happen, and the bill WAS paid for untill another party we were with took the monery off the table as we left.