DRM Link Barf

  • Media convergence, not muskets, will fight piracy. This guy knows his piracy, he’s from China.
  • Yahoo exec: Labels should sell music without DRM. How’d this guy get in?

  • UK-counter pirate vows to catch crooks giving away free copies of Firefox. You have to admire her dedication.

  • One for each day of the week, 7 new MPAA lawsuits.

  • ‘How the US is Boning the Developing World’ by whittling the public domain. If you’re not using your copyrights, send them to a starving African child. Just one trademark a day can feed an entire village for weeks.

  • There was an anti-DRM protest last Saturday at a Tower Records in Philly. We didn’t go. Heard that our plans to split cheese steaks amongst friends wouldn’t constitute ‘fair use.’