Consumerist Buys its Way Into the New York Times

Bust out the absinthe, we got in the New York Times this weekend.

“It’s unlikely that readers of the Consumerist blog will pick what truly is the “Worst Company in America,” but they will have fun trying.”

That’s from the New York Times, 2/25/06, “What’s Online” by Dan Mitchell. Read here. Archival here

The article, a roundup of
s Online
and business related, starts off with the crap and quotes That
s two Gawker Media properties in one article. It
s true folks, Nick Denton gives payola to the New York Times to do our bidding. Respect.

What’s truly awesome is that this is all made by you. You, in all your beautiful youtitude, picked the companies and placed the votes.

Appearing in the NYT means some people are paying attention to what
s going on here. Some of them run companies. Some of them are even literate.

Awesome work. Next up, let
s do the Wall Street Journal.