Taco Bell Cashiers Replaced by Soulless Robots

As if fast-food weren’t synthetic enough already, here’s an automated Taco-Bell ordering machine snapped in Morisville, NC.

“You go to the machines and you’re presented by an animated Colonel and talking taco,” writes the photographer, Abir Majumdar.

Will completely robotified Fast Food restaurants become the norm? Doubtful. Just like the supermarket there will be a mix of touch-screen and real cashiers. You also always will need an employee around in case someone can’t figue out how to work the machines or the machines mess up.

So, no completely android fast-food eateries.

At least, for this generation.

Crazy Taco Bell Automated Ordering [Flickr]


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  1. The Comedian says:

    Any word of if the talking taco poops ice cream?

  2. RandomHookup says:

    As opposed to the soulless, non-English speaking human cashiers who already work in fast food?

  3. Josh Cohen says:

    I’ve used one of these, albeit at a McDonalds. It’s great if you just want what’s on the menu, but it’s very difficult to program in a special order (ie: no lettuce, no cheese, only ketchup and mayo, et al). Hopefully Taco Bell has upgraded their system. Not that I special-order at Taco Bell, but I do at some other fast-food restaurants.

  4. airship says:

    I hope the robots also buy and eat tacos. Back when I was a UAW member, this was our argument when management started replacing workers with robots: ‘We hope robots buy cars’. Because it’s about the ECONOMY, not just saving money. You have to circulate money if there are going to be any people to buy your products. When you buy a robot, you circulate less money than if you hire an employee. Likewise, if you outsource overseas, nobody at home makes any money to buy your stuff. But all of this doesn’t matter to your average Big Faceless Corporation – they figure, let the other guy pay salaries at home, and their employees can buy our products. Of course, the problem comes when nobody (or at least, not enough) companies are paying salaries to support the economy. Economics 101.

  5. CMPalmer says:

    I’ve developed, over the years, a strong aversion to making complicated orders at fast food restaurants to the point that I will no longer go through a drive through unless I’m alone. The reason? I figure I have about a 10% chance of success when making any complex order, particularly if it involves special requests. I love this idea (if it lets you make special requests), but it still doesn’t mean they’ll fix the order right.

    I’ve made the decision that I just find something I want that I can order by number (#1 combo at McDonald’s, #6 combo at Wendy’s, etc.)

  6. mrscolex says:

    This is just an extension of the popularity of products such as Sheetz’s MTO fast food system. Although I would hardly call their system “fast”… in the Sheetz example, they’re really well designed machines with touch screen displays that work well.

    I think this may actually be beneficial in the long run.

  7. Rick Dobbs says:

    Great, now instead of trying to figure out what language to speak to the cashier in order to properly convey my order, I can wait behind some guy who’s looking for the fucking “Enchirito” icon.

  8. Khamel says:

    economics 101. there is a world market. someones got to make that machine. so instead of them messing up my gordita they can mess up the machine and then they can go into consulting to fix up the machines they messed up. the movement from a manufacturing economy to a service economy might be in economics 102 though.

  9. AcidReign says:

    …..You have to give Subway credit. At least you can stand right over the sandwich preparer and tell them “no, I don’t want peppers,” etc.

    …..I hate drive-throughs. Maybe when I’m old and crippled, but until then, never. You can’t pull close enough to the window unless you tear your side mirrors off, communication is awful, and your car smells like moldy grease for a week!

  10. OkiMike says:

    I have an even better idea:

    Equip the American Taco Bell’s with machines that allow customers waiting for their orders to take the orders of Indians in Indian Taco Bells so that they can get a discount on their meals.

    That’s double-outsourcing with limited incentives! (Send Nobel Prize to POBox 555, APO, AP 55555)

  11. madderhatter says:

    OkiMike, that’s just friggin’ hilarious ! Welcome to Squishy Mart …