Don’t Lose Your Shirt Over a Casket

Where can you get a good deal on a coffin?

Let’s make our decision based on looks.

Funeral Depot is where “Overpaying is not dignified.” In an interview on Fox News they say that funeral homes mark up coffins up to 600% above wholesale cost.

Funeral Depot also proudly proclaims on their home pages all the search engines they’re listed on. As if.

The American Casket Company proclaims “100% Lowest Price Guarantee! Find a casket or coffin at a lower price? Tell us, we will beat that price!” on their chintzy site. Didn’t anyone tell these funeral guys about Web 2.0? Pastels and rounded buttons are so in. Building your website in MS Word, so outre.

Casket Royale soberly advises, “Do not make an emotional loss a financial loss.”

Plenty of snookering can go on at the grave site. Federal law states “The funeral provider may not refuse, or charge a fee, to handle a casket you bought elsewhere…” Read more in this report by the Federal Trade Commission.

In death, as in life, caveat emptor.

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