Yeehaw it’s a DRM Roundup!

A drive-by posting of the past two days in Digital Rights Management.

  • The Department of Homeland Security is finally doing something good, even though how it falls under their jurisdiction is a bit ambiguous. US considers banning DRM Rootkits. Use username dominos6. Must be anthrax on the brain.

  • Macrovision, which makes anti-copying software to prevent ‘legitimate backups’, threatens MacTheRipper with a lawsuit saying the DVD ripping software infringes on their copyrights. Don
    t cry, bitches, just build a better mousetrap; it will give us a new toy to play with and break.

  • World rejects US webcast rejections offered in treaty, US rejects world.

  • Why are you such a bunch of big girls?
    asks a conference attendee of telcos bending over for Hollywood.