Fed Agencies Lick Industrial Nutsacks & Rip Apart Consumer Lawsuits

Softly but surely, Bush
s lap dog federal agencies help industries gain shielding from consumer and state lawsuits. Among the erosions:

The Currency Comptroller routinely goes double-dildo with national banks to undermine state
s consumer protection laws.

The FDA lip-synced a legal opinion last month proclaiming that FDA approved labels should give pill companies carte blanche from most suiture.

The Justice Department helped industry groups kill a pollution-control rule in Southern California requiring cleaner-running buses, garbage trucks and other fleet vehicles.
s a trash wagon, it
s supposed to be dirty,
said the lobbyists before diving into a pool of gold coins.
And buses are for poor people. Who wants to remind them they can
t afford a shower?

Greve, an American Enterprise Institute scholar…said well-connected industry law firms were part of a policy network providing legal and political rationale for the effort.

He called them “a merry band of Washington lawyers
who know how to push the buttons” and “get things done.”

Industries Get Quiet Protection From Lawsuits [LA Times] (Thanks to Lysa!)

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