San Fran Groups Vows to Buy Nothing Except Underwear

A coterie of San Francisco residents who vowed not to buy anything new in 2006 have been
by the international response.

The Compact, named after the Mayflower pilgrims’ credo, consists of about 50 people who decided to go a year without buying anything besides food, health, safety items, and clean underwear.

Since their story appeared last Monday, the group has been besieged with emails and media inquiries. Over 350 have joined and chapters are springing up in
nearly every
US city as well as international locations.

Attention has been both positive and negative.

“I’ve also been attacked personally for being in marketing,” said Perry, “One person said that’s like a pimp preaching abstinence. Then someone else said it was like a sinner seeking penitence — who better?”

Bear in mind the looseness of the affiliation. To join Compact, you need only sign up for their Yahoogroup.

Pictured is John Perry, a member of Compact, and his son, shopping at a San Fran scrap yard. Perry only buys secondhand but still manages to look like Steven Colbert
s hip technician older brother.

Anti-consumerism Group Vows to Buy Nothing* [SFGate] (Thanks Nina!)

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