Nike and Eric Cantona Bonito Help Us Love Ads and Soccer Again

We hate ads but we dare you to hate this Nike soccer campaign.

Eric Cantona, an awesome soccer player who left the sport at his peak a decade ago to pursue a mediocre acting career, bursts into a German TV Station and exhorts us to make the game beautiful again. Down with ugly soccer, he proclaims, espousing a need to return the game to skill, heart, honor, and joy.

The ad, along with five forthcoming others, are hosted on a webpage with just one Nike logo and a URL prefixed by the company name. Other than that, no finger smashing brand message.

Thanks for not treating us like

Not that we
re going to buy your shoes. There
s still that awful swoosh on them. And Adidas totally owns on the field.

Joga Bonito TV [via Reklamfeber]