Letter from Continental Airlines Seat 29E

Old to the net but new to us is this humorous seven-page complaint letter allegedly scrawled by a Continental Airlines passenger sitting in a seat across from the lavatory.

He’s distubed by the “stench of sanitation fluid that is blown over my body every 60 seconds” which he fights off with a “stink shield” he constructed from the complimentary blankets. Also, the “passenger’s asses fitting into my personal space like a pornographic jig-saw puzzle” are cause for concern.

That’s why we like to use the fun check-yourself-on-in machines where you can switch your seat up to the emergency exit aisle for more legroom. No one needs to know though that in the event of an emergency we’d be total sissies.

Complaint from 29E [i-am-bored]


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  1. airship says:

    Though the only spot on an airplane with enough legroom for me is the exit row, ironically they won’t let me sit there. They say I am too large, and they worry that if there was an accident and I died, they wouldn’t be able to drag my massive carcass out of the way.