How Many Posts are Yakking about DRM?

Does the glut of DRM drama have you reaching for the dramamine? As the chart below illustrates, you’re not crazy, lots and lots of people are talking about it. Here’s a graph of DRM mentions over the past year by post count.

Technorati’s chart graphs the number of posts from English-language blogs with high authority mentioning DRM over the past 360 days.

Compare this to the same selection criteria for the letter a.

And airline.

And porn, after the jump.

Yup, it’s a graph of mentions of porn.


And rock.

Maybe more people are just blogging about more things and DRM happens to be one of them? John Kricfalusi, Ren & Stimpy animator, just started a blog called, “All Kinds of Stuff.

While you check out his previously unreleased material, we have to go work on our investigative report uncovering what companies don’t want you to know about hatracks.

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