Squint or You’ll Miss these Eyewear Deals

The nearly once-a-year savings for frames and glasses are here. They’re $99 at Sears Optical, along with $100 and under frame, until Feb 18 and $96 at JC Penney Optical, along with $150 and under frames until Feb 26. However, some people look unfavorably on budget Sears and J.C. Penney eyewear, a phenomenon known as department store stigmatism.

Dear readers, where have you scoped great deals on contacts and glasses? Is it possible to find sensibly stylish eyeware at a good price?

[via Mr. Consumer]


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  1. Goggles4u.com. I have done business for them twice even before they had US based distribution. Back then, the glasses were ultra-inexpensive but still stylish, full-featured, and high-quality. Single vision glasses starting at $25.99, lenses, frames, and shipping. Not in K-mart styles.
    They have US distribution now, so the long, long waits are a thing of the past, but way-back-when when I ordered from them, the glasses came from Pakistan and China.

    When one pair did not show up after a few weeks, they sent me a replacement, no questions asked. And there is even a discount on their ultra-low prices for repeat buyers.

    They are a genuine bargain.

  2. AFD says:

    Major problems w/Sears Optical: Had my exam 1 year ago and was told that both my glasses and contact prescriptions were good for 2 years. Was told last week that A) I never had a contact prescription B) I was never fitted for contacts C) My prescription expired – all in one conversation. Also, I experienced severe geometric distortions using their poly-carbonate lenses, even after upgrading to their higher-end lenses – which they were either unable or unwilling to remedy. Since I paid for everything without insurance, I’m now out over $200 and in the process of getting a completely new prescription, frames, high-index lenses, and contacts through Pearl Vision for twice as much.

  3. SecureLocation says:

    $39 Glasses (or Eyeglasses, I forget) is a better deal and you get free shipping if you buy 2 pair. There’s even a $5 off coupon floating around out there on the net. I’ve ordered from them several times. Frame selection isn’t huge but the styles are up-to-date and glasses are good quality. Now if I can just stop losing them…

  4. Fairytale of Los Angeles says:

    I’ve got a really fascinating prescription, which means I went through repeated battles with LensCrafters last year and finally gave up– two weeks to get my glasses from their “custom lab,” which were defective from the get-go and should have failed QA. Got one lens replaced and then figured out that the other lens– the custom one– was also bad. At that point, it turned into “well, that’ll be two more weeks, maybe more…” and I took my business elsewhere. It wasn’t the first time they’d screwed up, and they’re just not worth the hassle if you have really extreme needs.

    Folks in Los Angeles, you can’t go wrong on the Westside with Complete Eye Care Center on Centinela. Nicest folks ever, didn’t so much as blink at my “hi, I’ve got this scrip that’s -3 in one eye and -10 in the other.” More than that, they got me my glasses in under two hours– two pairs, one regular and one sunglass. They’ve also been happy to supply replacement screws and to buff off scratches, free of charge.

  5. AcidReign says:

    …..I shelled out $450 for my last pair at Lenscrafters, but they were progressive bifocals in Brooks Brothers frames.